Went to Malcesine on Lake Garda for the second time in June 2015.
It really is a beautiful place, & the fact you can hop on either a bus or a ferry to take you to the other towns up at the North end of the lake (Limone, Riva Del Garda & Torbole) makes it even better.
Heading up Monte Baldo
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Malcesine harbour
Always good to take a memo
Looking out of our bedroom window
I saw 4 ships come sailing by...
Looking over lake Garda
A pretty house
Malcesine Castle
The local store
Leaving Limone
Back to Malcesine
Swallow tailed butterfly - Papilionidae
Early morning skies
Our Hotel
Cable car's a coming
Looking back down on Malcesine
Looking up Monte Baldo
Sunshining at the top
Few locals
& a cafe...
More locals
Still a bit cloudy
But slowly clearing
That's me. The one on the right
Paragliders into the clouds
One waited for it to lift
Riva Del Garda
Having a coffee in the square
Looking back along the lake
Fancy me one of those
Through the square window
Bastione, up the mountain in Riva Del Garda
Looking down on Riva Del Garda
My boat has come in
There's the Bastione, up there
Local hangout
Or chilling
Oh look, Champers for her, Tea for me
Nice house
Meanwhile back in Malcesine
Down by the harbour
Looking South
Could do with a lick of paint
Malcesine Harbour
Thro' the arched window
Swallow tailed butterfly - Papilionidae
Swallow tailed butterfly - Papilionidae
Swallow tailed butterfly - Papilionidae
Back of our Hotel
Letojanni & Taormina.
This was a last minute decision & late in the year, October to be precise.
We did get a bit of rain, but what do you expect in October ?
Another beautiful place

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Taormina square
Looking out to sea
Oooohhh a Guinness shop
Nice church
Where's Mr & Mrs Wally ?
Right time right place !
Sorry about that... Me.
Rainy days & Mondays
Castelmola - precariously placed
Castelmola Thro' the arch
Sneak out to the maids quarters...
Looking out towards Villagonia
Green trees & blue skies
Another Arch
Pretty Flowers
Our pool
Walk around the grounds
Still walking
Our Hotel - Olimpo
Roof terrace
Roof terrace
Hotel Antares, beloq us
Funicular from one hotel to the other
Hears a carriage
Along the prom
Nice hotel
Fire escape
Lift from the Antares to the ground below
Have a minute girl...
Sunrise & a cruise ship
Sunrise from our window
Almost got the beach to ourselves
Back to Taormina
No comment
A Gerry Rafferty
Ciao Bella
Looking back towards Letojanni
Another glorious sunrise on the way
Went up on the roof for this one
The light of my life is at the end of this tunnel.
Wall art.
Happy Chappy
Heading up Etna in the rain
Walking on the moon
These sunrises are getting boring ! NOT !!!
Looking North from our balcony
Looking South from our balcony
& a rainbow behind
Castelmola square
Etna in the clouds
You can ring my bell
Orange 'nellies
200 foot drop fire escape
Isola Bella - Beautiful Island
Looking up
looking north
Isola Bella - Beautiful Island
Isola Bella - Beautiful Island
TLC required
Another sunrise
Another sunrise
Another sunrise
Etna smoking
Prince Charles ?
Back streets
The Antares pool
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