Lido Di Jesolo
We had rain for a few days, but it stopped & allowed us some outings,
Pano of Lido Di Jesolo beach
Todays lunch for C
I had the healthy option
Restaurant for the previous 2 shots
Todays entertainment
This WAS a brilliant Gelateria...
Pool out back of D'Anunzio
Lido beach
Nice house
Lido Eye
Another day another lunch
My turn for the not so healthy option
Restaurant for previous
Now that's RED !!!
Lido lighthouse
Modern church
Lido beach, bit grey & breasy
Sand sculpture - W.I.P.
Carved in sand.
Leonardo Da Vinci - The Vitruvian man
Body parts
Lido eye again

St Marks Square - Piazza San Marco

Tuesday & still plagued by not to brilliant weather !!!
Overcast but dry. We decided to risk going to Venice, I suppose the weather kept the crowds down a little so better than last time for photo's.
We even ventured off the beaten track somewhat, 
got lost but didn't care, just kept going...
Church of San Giorgio Maggiore
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana
Traffic jam
Just two cornetto's
Looking for a signal
Greasing his pole
Ponti Di Rialto
Grand canal
Beautiful blushing bride
Ponti Di Rialto
A.N.Other bride
Grand canal
Oh Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou ?
Chiesa di San Geremia
cruising the Grand Canal
Mercato di Rialto
Venturing further into Venice...
Campo S.Maria Mater Domini,
Land of lace & beautiful colourful houses...
This is seriously worth a visit for the colours...
As you get off the ferry
Only narrow canals on Burano.
A blue house
A red house.
A variety of colours
A not so well painted house
First bridge across the canal
The bridge
Another angle
The leaning tower of...
Not every house is fluorescent.
Another angle of the leaning tower.
Water crane.
Drying the washing
All hand painted
The green wall is straight
That's the name of the tower.
Woa that's bright...
Very religious too.
Red and blue
Wider canal.
Needs a lick
Odd man out !
Airing your dirty laundry...
Faded or Shabby Chic
Out to sea.
Another canal
Charlie Chaplain
Hey diddle diddle, it's red in the middle.
Balamoray ?
Going for the rustic look
Front garden
Blue gate
Nearly back to the begining
There's our ferry, nicely timed.
Madonna Del Monte AKA Madonna Del Rosario.
It is these that are crumbling the walls of Madonna del monte !
It is these that are crumbling the walls of Madonna del monte !
And on to Murano
There must be over 500 glass shops on Murano, & I think we went in every one !
Faro Di Murano - 1934
The main canal that splits Murano
Leading line...
Through the oblong window...
Only bridge over the canal, all done by vaporetto's
Bell tower, Torre dell'Orologio
Glass Christmas tree
Glass tree aside the bell tower
Smaller canal
Buildings are certainly not as colourful as Burano.
Glass art, didn't dare ask the price...
Nice windows
Wall art.
Balcony boxes
More dirty laundry being aired...
Well it is on the sea so the sea food is fresh and excellent.
Inside a church
Modernistic glass art
Crossing the bridge.
Looking around on the bridge
Heading that a ways...
Across the canal
Bridge over a smaller canal
Santa Maria e San Donato
Santa Maria e San Donato
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